miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

'cause sometimes love can't with everything

Love is not always the answer, it's not an unbreakable wall, it's not the main reason which we are alive for, it's something marvelous, harmfull, stupid and clever at the same time that is part of life, is just a way to be certain about something that we already know but we don't realize, is just a way to confirm that we are unique.
But what happends when is not as easy and marvelous as you expected, or when  you give your everything to get his/her nothing?
That your world falls
And does love worth it?
Not at all, but 
people feelings are sometimes so damn dramatic...!
Is just another phase,
just a step in the stair of life,
just something that should happend
 to let us know that we are unique
also when nobody tell it to us.

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