jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

What is the reason why you are helping everyone?

Because I know how it feels like to have no one.
What it feels like to want to kill yourself.
What it feels like to keep everything that was strong inside.
What it feels to be used.
What it feels to be bullied and know that no one cares.
What it feels like to be there for everyone, but have no one there for you.
What it feels like to fake avery emotion when you are around someone.
How hard is to find reasons on why to keep going, to keep living.
How hard is to get through everything on your own,
How hard is to actually finally find the support that I needed to keep going.
How hard is to finally find people who I can trust.
How hard is to ignore rude coments, and keep smiling.
Many reasons.
No one should ever feel the way that I did.

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